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Our Services

MicroFarm360 is a democratized data-driven 360 degrees solution for smallholder farmers providing farmer data management, direct access to the market, direct access to credit, digital payment, supply chain management, logistics and transport, e-commerce, eLearning, and farmer rewards and loyalty. MicroFarm360 and a set of unique products and services are outlined below: –


1.The MicroFarm App is a mobile phone-enabled platform for farmer profiling, farmer groups savings management, loans management, point of sale management, and farmer rewards and loyalty. The app is used by authorized MicroFarm360 Agents and Outlets.

2. MicroFarm Card is an all-in-one farmer identification and a credit access card detailing the farmer and the farmer’s activities. Every transaction by the farmer is profiled on this digital card. A farmer can use the card to apply for credit (financial or input) and a farmer can also increase their credit by saving more on the card using mobile money or any bank. Any organization or person (including those in the diaspora) that seeks to support any farmer can directly deposit on this card and the farmer can redeem the farming support from any of our authorized agents or outlet.

Sample Card for Farmer

Sample Card for Agents

3. MicroFarm Store is a hybrid store selling and buying agricultural products both online and offline. The store is designed for farmers and the produce off-takers. Farmers can buy any input product by cash or credit and can also sell their produce on the same platform. Off-takers can order products and delivery can be done by MicroFarm360, the farmer, or directly by the buyer. The Store is powered by Microfarm360 POS.



The MicroFarm360 Credit is a direct credit provision provided to farmers with MicroFarm Cards. The credit has two options. The first option is through the established MicroFarm Stores both online and offline. The second option is through authorized partner outlets/stores/agents and banks.

MicroFarm360 Reward is a farmer-first approach to farmer motivation as it is directly linked to farmer productivity and happiness. The farmer reward system scores farmers using the 360 degrees approach to reward and retain farmer loyalty. We profile and provide rewards in the forms of input products, Essential WASH products, airtime credit, mobile money, and livelihood products (such as solar, bicycles, household items, and energy-saving cook stoves, among others). We provide this service to other companies and organizations working with African farmers.

The MicroFarm360 Field is a digital farmer extension service that uses mobile phone technology to improve farm productivity and profit. The platform delivers customized extension training and informational messages via mobile phone and radio. There are customized and intentional messages around weather forecasts, production, harvesting, and marketing.

The MicroFarm360 Value is the value addition wing of MicroFarm360 providing value addition and agro-processing and selling the products from the smallholder produce to the farmers first.

MicroFarm360 Environment

MicroFarm360 uses its mobile app, smart card, farmer credit, and farmer reward solutions to help improve the environment by incentivizing, motivating, and encouraging smallholder farmers who are the majority to take affirmative climatic actions. After digitally profiling farmers and their landscapes, MicroFarm360 provides tree seedlings on credit or as rewards to farmers to plant on their farmlands and boundaries. The specific choice of these tree species depends on the nature of landscapes profiled using satellite imagery and innovative GIS technology and the number of trees also depends on the acreages and the environmental cover of the land profiled per farmer. Throughout the whole production cycle, the process is digitally monitored using MicroFarm360 App that uses satellite imagery and innovative GIS technique. The planted trees are digitally profiled and monitored throughout their lifecycle using MicroFarm360 App and satellite imagery. We provide reward credits to farmers who maintain their trees and they can redeem these credits from any of our authorized agents or outlets.

 MicroFarm360 Women

In our deliberate effort to support women, we recruit, train, brand, and equip women in small markets to retail the farmers’ produce and essential products to households that would otherwise have no access to such actual food products and diets. We do this to improve household diet and food security while empowering women to become economically empowered through increasing their household incomes.